Photo Focus on the iconic figures of peace

Focus on the iconic figures of peace

Peace is established through mutual agreement. To reach this objective, nations need to help each other and unite their forces to make it reign. But that is not enough. Several factors contribute to peace. Among those factors, there are many organizations or foundations which work for peace, where many important figures work. Those prominent personalities are in charge of many different activities, and yet, all of them act in favor of peace.

Prem Rawat Foundation is an organization which does actions for peace. Its founder is named Prem Rawat; he is an ambassador of peace whose duties involve sending out endless messages of peace in the world, hoping to be able to set up a new world where people live in harmony and fully enjoy genuine peace. But other than him, other important personalities participate in the fight for peace. 

This is a focus on those key figures who are in favor of peacekeeping

Ambassadors of peace

Those people are chosen by the Federation Universal for peace (FPU), whose most important goal consists in representing peace inside a country. Those ambassadors of peace from a big network all over the world so as to pass on messages concerning the condition of peace within each country. Their mission is to send out messages of peace which aim to persuade the whole world to always preserve mutual peace in everything they undertake.

Furthermore, those ambassadors of peace are allowed to intervene during a campaign or a meeting or any other situation which can relate to peace. And that concerns especially anything that might threaten the future of peace preservation in the world.

The messengers of peace

On the other hand, they are qualified by the UNO. The program started in September 2011, and is initially due to operate within more than 10 years. A large variety of personalities are grouped into messengers of peace to undertake peacekeeping actions. Some of them are sportsmen, others are star dancers and singers, but there are also some scouts and other personalities.

But all of them are responsible for showing to the rest of the world that we can live harmoniously together when maintaining peace. They do so through their songs, games, dances, and organizations. That is the main reason why they are called messengers of peace.

Médecins du Monde

As far as the" Médecins du Monde " are concerned, their mission is rather different from that of the other personalities. Through their title, it is easy to recognize their functions. In fact, they are health professionals or doctors who are involved with charity work in taking care of patients without any charges.

In most cases, they sail on a ship, but they can also remain in the inland. Their program is funded by many organizations in the world. But in their struggle for peace, they give hope to desesperate people through their mission. And that is the way they act to preserve peace on earth. Those medical professionals originate from different parts of the world.

Beside this, they are iconic figures among those who are working to maintain peace.