Photo 5 countries where peace reigns
16.10 2019

5 countries where peace reigns

We all dream of a life where quarrels do not exist, a life without war, a life without insecurity. Everyone dreams and wants to have a life where mutual aid, harmony and peace are the only concepts that exist for a smooth community life. Nowadays, civilization, education have convinced us that the use of the weapon is not an adequate solution to solve a problem.

This causes too much loss, whether material or human according to Prem Rawat. Peace ambassadors like Prem Rawat lead the way through messages, so that everyone knows their responsibilities on the subject. In spite of all that happens in the world, there are countries that are paradise-like in terms of peace.

Here are the 5 countries that live in total peace

1- Switzerland

According to the Global Peace Index, only 10 countries in the world enjoy real and complete peace. Switzerland is the only country in Europe that is included in this ranking. The reason for this is that it is safe from any conflict in Europe or in the world. Switzerland never participates in conflicts, whether it is about all the external conflicts or internal conflicts.

Moreover, when this nation gives its opinion, it is always a notice of peace or a consensus opinion.So according to the qualification criteria, the country must not participate in any conflict. That explains the reason why Switzerland really lives in total peace.

2- Mauritius

Mauritius is known for its various tourist destinations, Mauritius is also one of the 10 countries that live in total peace. From its independence to the present day, the island has never experienced internal conflict or involvement in external conflict. The nation is always focusing in developing its resources and that brings tourism to an even higher level.

3- Botswana

Among all countries over Africa, more precisely from the greatest Africa, the only country on the continent to live in total peace is Botswana. The diplomacy of this country is different from that of all the countries of the African Union. Botswana has principles relating to peace.

We can never see Botswana participating to a conflict and they have never had any internal quarrel either. It can be said that it is the only African country that does not engage in aggressive strikes.

4- Uruguay

Four countries in the Americas are classified as countries living in total peace by the Global Peace Index. Uruguay is one of these four countries. It is a country that is virgin in terms of conflict. With its diplomacy, Uruguay represents only peace for its neighboring countries. It has never come into conflict with other countries. So far, the country lives in total peace.

5- Vietnam

Global Peace Index has described Vietnam as a country living in total peace, because with Japan, they never participate in the geopolitical conflict of the Far East. The two Koreas and China are in the middle of the cold war. To protect their territories, neighboring countries join their forces. Vietnam has never been involved in these conflicts.