Photo Focus on the associations working for the "children of the world"
15.10 2019

Focus on the associations working for the "children of the world"

“Children of the world” are terms used to qualify the most unfortunate children in the world. Commonly, these kids live in the most poverty-stricken countries on earth. They are deprived of their right to an appropriate education and to go to school.

They possess neither the means to have proper sanitary services, nor the right to adequate health care and treatment like the other children. At the present time, several associations from all around the world help those children in order to allow them to have a peaceful and normal childhood.

Prem Rawat, the peace ambassador, is involved with sharing peace messages concerning the children of the world from any nation around the globe. His foundation, named after his own name, Prem Rawat invests in humanitarian aid so as to help the unfortunate little ones. Besides, here is a focus on these associations which work for the children of the world.

Associations advocated working for the children of the world

Children of the World (Swiss association)

Children of the World is a Swiss association located in Geneva, which is subjected to provide help to the children of the world. This association has been existing for 50 years and its representatives have traveled to many different parts of the world to achieve humanitarian actions. It allows kids who do not have the means to schooling to get proper and high quality education.

School supplies, backpacks, outfits and free access to schooling are offered. Also, the association Children of the World allows the unfortunate ones to be able to have an easy access to sanitary services. This is also available for pregnant women from poor families.

Friends of the Children of the World (FCW)

“Friends of the Children of the World” is an association issued from an international solidarity organism, which aims to provide adequate helps to the poorest children in the world. Its mission is to provide support for the development of those children, to help them grow properly, and to contribute to their education and health. This program works in 13 countries in the world where 70 programs have been launched.

"French association Gard Terre des enfants”

This French association provides humanitarian care for needy children, or specifically, those from the poorest part of the globe. A part of this association started to collect homeless children through the association which is known as « Accueil aux enfants du monde ».

Its aim is to gather together hosts families in France. Its main goal is to find French hosts who are willing to take care of abandoned children, orphans and children whose parents cannot rise them anymore. Moreover, they sponsor those host families in every situation.

“Enfants du monde Réunion”

“Enfants du monde Réunion”, or children of the world in Reunion, is also an association which endeavors to work for the children of the world.

Its main goal is to support the poorest children by providing humanitarian services, and especially taking care of their schooling and health. Its main work is to feed, cure, and send children to school and work for their development in the association's working area. furthermore, this association sponsors these children. Obviously, they are real peace missionaries.